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Protection Order Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

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Sometimes, relationships end. While these are sad times for all parties involved, it is important to keep matters civil while trying to decide things like child custody and spousal support. Unfortunately, many partners are unable to deal with the end of their relationships in a civil manner. If you are concerned about your safety, it is important to turn to a protection order attorney in West Palm Beach, FL, as soon as possible for service. The team at Kenny Leigh & Associates is available to assist clients looking for protection from others. Speak with our protection order attorney today to protect yourself and your family.

The Need for a Protection Order Attorney

You do not have to live in fear of your safety or the safety of your children. By turning to our protection order lawyer, you will have the legal defense you need against your abuser.

With more than 16 years of experience in the legal field, our attorneys have the expertise needed to guide you through your situation. We have a strong understanding of the system, and we fight hard for your safety and rights.

While women are statistically more likely to be victims of domestic violence then men are, there are still situations where men will find themselves at risk of harm from a former partner. Violence is never acceptable, and it is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible if you find that your safety is threatened.

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Our Protection Order Lawyer Is Your Legal Guide

How does an order of protection work? This order is issued by a court to prevent someone from engaging in any type of behavior that could lead to harm to another person. When you meet with our protection order attorney, you will receive personalized service to help you obtain the order.

There are several different options available for your protection orders. Whether you file for a temporary or permanent order, you will be safeguarded against the threat of abuse. Orders require the aggressor to obey the following:

  • Stay Away From You & Your Children
  • Leave Your Home
  • Have No Contact with You & Your Children
  • Pay Child Support

Temporary & Permanent Protection Orders

What happens if someone violates the terms of your permanent or temporary protection orders? Because this order is issued by the court, violating it is a crime. If you find yourself threatened, you have the right to call the police to have the individual arrested.

Contact our protection order attorney to learn more about our service options. Our protection order attorney works with a focus on men’s rights in Boca Raton, Fort Pierce, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and West Palm Beach, Florida.