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Receive the support you need during the end of your marriage when you consult with our divorce attorney in West Palm Beach, FL. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, our divorce attorney offers a series of services for those facing the end of their marriage. Whether there are children involved or you and your spouse are having a clean split, we are here to help you. Schedule a consultation with us today to receive compassionate and professional service for each of your needs.

Consult a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be difficult for anyone to go through. However, many couples simply grow apart over the years. When there are children or financial issues involved, the decision to end your marriage becomes even more stressful. No matter what the terms of your separation are, it is important to turn to our team of divorce attorneys as soon as possible to protect your family. At our firm, you will be supported by lawyers who are committed to helping you.

Once you have decided to end your marriage, you have many things to consider. From deciding on the custody of your children to determining how much spousal support should be paid, there are a number of choices that can affect how smooth your divorce will go. By meeting with our divorce attorney for your services, you will have the guidance you need to get through even the most difficult situation.

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Divorce Services: Performing Modifications

Sometimes, situations change. When the terms of your divorce are no longer applicable, it may be time to perform a modification. If you would like to modify the terms of a divorce, you must show a substantial change in circumstances to the court. These changes can be anything from improper actions on the part of the mother or a loss of income by one of the parties. 

As part of our services, our divorce attorney is available to work with you for your modifications. We work hard to ensure that your goals are achieved while also preserving any rights that were granted to you in previous court decisions. From custody agreements to spousal support, we offer a number of services to help you make your case. While we cannot guarantee a certain result from the court, we provide you with the representation you need to have a fighting chance.

Contact us to meet with our divorce attorney to discuss the terms of your separation. Our divorce attorney is available to meet with clients, with a focus on men’s rights in Boca Raton, Fort Pierce, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and West Palm Beach, Florida.